Metraflex is a company focused providing a broad range of specialty accessories for piping systems. Metraflex manufactures a wide range of expansion joints, flexible pipe connectors, valves, pipe guides and other specialties. Metraflex has the capability to design and manufacture virtually any specialty piping products to meet customers specifications.

Metraflex Products

- Flexible Couplings
- Rubber and Metal Connectors
- Metraloop Expansion Loops
- Hydro-Formed Expansion Joints
- Expansion Compensators
- Pipe Alignment Guides
- Wall Penetration Seals
- Check Valves
- Air Vents
- Butterfly Valves
- Pipeline Strainers


Fireloop is an innovative product designed and manufactured by METRAFLEXR. Fireloop protects the piping system from seismic activities and is ULR listed.
FIRELOOPR can flex in all three directions (x,y,z), protects the piping system from both thermal and seismic expansion, and can be installed in all building consolidation points.


- Usable between -40 degrees C and 200 degrees C
- Intact up to 20 psig
- 25 year lifetime
- Usable between 2 inch and 48 inch pipes

How It Works

METRASEAL is pushed between wall and the pipe.
METRASEAL expand when pressure is applied.